Health care is the world’s fastest growing industry

Health care is the world’s fastest growing industry. The industry is not just about patients and doctors but also includes life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, services, and healthcare equipment.

According to the research study, global remote healthcare market (2018-2023) is projected to reach $36.92 billion.

Medical Industry record management may not be a big deal for developed countries that have systematized data structures but proper healthcare systems are a myth in many third world countries that see multitudes of patients being misdiagnosed or diseases not being diagnosed just because of unavailability of Past Medical History (PMH).

More than 20% patients that care for a second opinion are found to be misdiagnosed earlier. This number is triple in underdeveloped countries. Absence of proper record keeping is taking lives.

Biostem Blockchain could change all that.

Health care system is deep in security issues and problems that could be easily handled by Biostem blockchain as viable option for traditional record keeping but there’s still time in that.

By Dr.Rubern , CEO BioStem

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