What is BioStem

BioStem is a Malaysia open-source platform that makes use of a healthcare ecosystem built entirely on the Ethereum blockchain. A decentralized ledger system that allows for open interactions between patients, medical experts, and researchers. From a functional standpoint, BioStem allows users to freely track their medical data including their health records and doctor visitations.

The platform accumulates all of one’s sensitive health-related information into a single data bank which can then be shared reliably with experts in a completely discreet, private manner.

Additionally, BioStem makes use of its own monetary system in order to facilitate record-sharing through an incentive-based financial model. Rewards can be obtained by both caregivers and patients, and the native tokens can also be used to facilitate internal transactions like payments, pharmacy charges, treatment charges and etc.


  • Offers patients a new way of interacting with medical experts
  • All records are maintained on a transparent network
  • Has huge future market potential (the US healthcare market alone
    currently rakes in an annual revenue of $2 trillion)
  • Introducing StemCell, Anti-Aging, Gene Therapy and Immune Cell Health Care
  • 1ST Cryptocurrency in Medical Industry which has Technology Based Blockchain infused with Biotech health revolution.


BioStem is a team of medical professionals, data architects and blockchain technologists.

The founders are computer scientists and medicine specialist, turned entrepreneurs. BioStem addresses the problems entrenched in PHR market and aims to give back the control of personal health info to the patients themselves using blockchain technology. The company  has formed alliances with China MYK Biotech Group and Medical Centres.

All details you can find in the Whitepaper.



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